Management: overall consideration, preside over the overall work of the enterprise; Be responsible for organizing and formulating the development plan, annual plan and work summary of the enterprise。

Production department: organize and arrange the annual and monthly production plan according to the purchasing plan of sales department, workshop production capacity and general manager's opinions; According to the company's annual and monthly production plan, organize the workshop to implement and complete the production in time.

Quality inspection department: responsible for the quality inspection of products in the production process; Responsible for the quality inspection of the company's finished products, and put forward treatment suggestions for unqualified products; Responsible for the analysis of the causes of quality problems, and timely report to the superior leadership.

R & D department: formulate product development direction according to the strategic plan of product route, market research results and customer requirements, and demonstrate the feasibility of new products and organize implementation; Cooperate with the production department to make prototype of new products, ensure to provide the production department with technical data, drawings, working hours, quality standard information, and track production progress, and solve technical problems arising from the production process.

Sales Department: responsible for the company's marketing network construction, product market development and sales management; Formulate and implement market research, marketing strategies and programs; Responsible for sales channel planning and management; Responsible for after-sales service, logistics and other service support of the company's products.

Purchasing department: responsible for the preparation of the company's purchasing plan, understanding the purchasing trend, reviewing the purchasing contract, handling the purchasing business of various production, office equipment and raw and auxiliary materials, classifying the purchasing of production materials, and coordinating the relationship between suppliers.

Human resource department: draw up the human resource plan according to the actual situation and development plan of the unit; Organize the formulation of rules and regulations, implementation rules and working procedures of human resources department, such as employment system, personnel management system, labor wage system, personnel file management system, employee handbook, training program, etc; Do a good job in personnel training and management.

Administration department: responsible for drafting relevant documents of the company; Formulate and improve the relevant rules and regulations and work processes; According to the national regulations and enterprise production work situation, arrange holiday overtime, rest and duty plan; To be responsible for external liaison and publicity; Responsible for the company's legal liaison and related matters.

Finance department: responsible for making profit plan, capital investment plan, financial plan, expenditure budget and cost standard; Formulate and manage tax policy programs and procedures; Prepare the company's financial report.

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