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Trend of intelligent manufacturing of medical devices: strong growth remains, technology and channel determine success or failure

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At present, China's medical device industry as a whole continues to transition to the development direction of localization, intelligence and high-end. At the 2021 China Medical Device Industry Development Forum successfully held on March 30, Li Zhiyong, Secretary General of China Medical Equipment Association, delivered a keynote speech entitled "China Medical Device Industry and intelligent manufacturing trend", which confirmed the vigorous development of the medical device industry in the future and explained the characteristics of the industrial development.

The following is a selection of speeches:

From the perspective of medical equipment industry, great progress has been made in all aspects

First, the industrial scale is gradually expanding. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the annual compound growth rate of China's industrial market scale will reach 13.6%. In 2019, the market scale will reach 800 billion yuan, and the output value of domestic enterprises will account for more than 10% of the international output value.

Second, the product system is basically sound, 22 categories of more than 1000 categories of products are widely used in the field of health care, to meet the overall demand.

Third, the technology has been steadily improved, breaking through the key components such as magnetic resonance, superconducting magnet and radio frequency popularization, and the third generation, focused ultrasound and other high-end medical equipment have reached the domestic advanced level.

The fourth is to speed up the development of innovation and integration. The application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5g and ultra high definition video in medical equipment has promoted the development of new models and new formats.

From the perspective of the industrial structure of medical equipment, we summarize the characteristics of some industries

First, the innovation ability of enterprises is constantly improving, and R & D investment has made great progress compared with the past. Enterprises attach importance to the construction of innovation ability, and R & D investment needs to be further improved. The investment of the whole enterprise is relatively low. The total R & D investment of the top 20 medical device enterprises in China is 2.27 billion yuan, accounting for an average of 4.5% of the operating income. The total R & D investment of medical devices in the world is 25.328 billion US dollars, accounting for an average of 5.8%.

Second, the medical equipment industry is developing rapidly, and the development space is still huge. The global scale is 352.9 billion yuan in 2011, 500 billion US dollars by the end of 2018, and is expected to exceed 590 billion US dollars by 2024. In terms of compound growth rate, in our country, in 2019, we will be about 800 billion yuan, while in 2011, we will only be 169.9 billion yuan. The compound growth rate is estimated to be more than 13.9%. It should be said that the whole industry has entered a period of continuous growth. Our media also said that the past decade has ushered in a golden decade for the development of medical equipment industry, In fact, some organizations predict and estimate that we will enter a period of more rapid development in the next decade.

Third, the leading enterprises have seen the embryonic form, and the whole industrial concentration needs to be improved. The procurement of large enterprises brings survival space for suppliers, and promotes R & D and technological progress in the process of development. The merger and acquisition of large enterprises brings flexible exit channels for capital. At the same time, large enterprises provide a series of platforms for small enterprises. We take more paths from single product champion to track champion, and then to cross-border. The domestic market concentration is relatively low. This data is from 2018. Before the epidemic, after the annual report was issued, we found some listed companies and looked at the data. In general, we collected 15 listed companies. According to the order of the annual report, the industrial concentration of these 15 listed companies is more than 14%, which is obviously higher than that in the past, Although the degree of concentration was relatively low in the past, it is developing towards more and more concentration.

Fourth, the market share of low-end products is relatively high, and the competitiveness of high-end products needs to be improved. From imaging, in vitro diagnosis, high-value consumables, low-value consumables and so on, the maturity of independent brand products is generally low. Most of the prolific imaging equipment is in the development stage. Some products have just come out and are in infancy. Domestic life support equipment is relatively better and has entered the mature stage. Electric knife and monitor are relatively mature, pacemaker and artificial joint are in the growth stage, There is still a long way to go before maturity.

Fifthly, the cluster pattern has been initially formed, and it needs to make up for the deficiencies. Generally speaking, before the epidemic, there were more than 18000 enterprises. After the epidemic, we released data for the first time in June last year, and we were more than 24000 enterprises. Among these more than 20000 enterprises, including the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim region, basically seven provinces accounted for nearly 60% of the number of enterprises. With the development of the industry, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim region have become more and more important The Bohai rim and Yangtze River Delta have formed their own unique development trends. At the same time, Chengdu Chongqing region with Chongqing as the center and central China region with Wuhan as the center, especially the industrial cluster area with biomaterials and tissue engineering as the characteristics.

Sixth, some domestic high-quality products are going global, and the import and export trade deficit of high-end products is still obvious. According to the statistics of the customs and the National Bureau of statistics, from 2010 to 2018, the export volume is increasing year by year, and the import is also increasing year by year. In 2018, the total export volume is 45.796 billion yuan. Then, in terms of scale, the trade surplus is decreasing year by year. In terms of categories, the trade surplus of medical dressings and rehabilitation equipment is relatively large, while the trade surplus of medical consumables is relatively small, The deficit of diagnosis and treatment equipment is increasing year by year, and the surplus of dental equipment is relatively small.

Seventh, the grassroots health demand is gradually clear, and the targeted supply capacity also needs to be strengthened.

In recent years, the development trend of medical devices and imaging equipment is early, high-resolution and low-dose. The development trend of manufacturing equipment is micro noninvasive and personalized, and the development trend of biomedical materials is high compatibility and self adaptation. In vitro diagnosis is highly accurate and automatic. Interdisciplinary fusion has gradually become the mainstream, including the integration process of stent and imaging, the integration implementation of in vitro diagnosis and surgery, and the integration of medical devices and robots, big data, artificial intelligence, drugs and immunotherapy. With the rapid development of new technology, more and more new materials, new methods, new technologies and new processes appear in the field of re engineering.

Li Zhiyong

At present, he is the Secretary General of China Medical Equipment Association and China Medical Equipment artificial intelligence alliance. He formulates relevant standards and specifications, promotes advanced medical equipment technology and appropriate technology, selects excellent domestic medical equipment, and has a profound understanding of the development, R & D and manufacturing, development trend, market and circulation of global medical equipment and artificial intelligence industry.

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